Traveling Overseas with Allergies – Our trip to the Healer John of God


You probably know how tricky leaving the house can be when you or a family member has been blessed with a delicate belly or suffers from food allergies. I discovered this was the case for our family a few years ago. To my dismay, I found packaged foods would usually have one or lots of ingredients that wouldn’t work for us. With so many allergies, eating out was also off limits. These challenges came as a way to teach me to change our eating habits. That would be the cheapest and easiest way to help us heal. So, I have been making most of our meals (including snacks) from scratch for a little while now. I learned to always carry a small cooler with us daily and even lots of items from my kitchen for longer trips. But after a few years on our special diet we decided it was time to put it to the test! This trip had been long in the making with big plans to visit family, friends and a world-renowned healer in the tropical country of Brazil. Was I crazy to travel overseas with two children, whom had suffered from severe allergies at one point in their lives? Probably, but I was determined to take a leap of faith (and escape the winter for a few weeks too). In the first couple weeks of our trip, we found ourselves in Abadiânia, at the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola. We were there to meet the medium, John of God.

João Teixeira de Faria (born June 24, 1942), known also as João de Deus (“John of God”), is said to be a medium and psychic surgeon. He is based in Abadiânia, Brazil, where he runs the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, a spiritual healing center where he sees thousands of visitors every week from all over the world. – Wikipidia

jog_7The first time I had heard of him was on the Oprah show. I immediately felt a very strong pull to visit the Casa. I wasn’t sure how we were going to get there, but I put my intention out into the Universe. Within a week I met Rama, a vibrational healer and guide for the Casa. I almost couldn’t believe the coincidence! It was then I knew we were destined to meet John of God. A couple years later we were finally ready to go. I was very hopeful and excited, but as I packed our bags, my heart filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown.  This trip was a big financial, time consuming and emotional commitment for us. My dining room was filled to the ceiling with food, remedies, and even kitchen appliances. I planned to fit all that in four suitcases. I know some of you might be impressed (or think I am totally nuts!) to know I was able to pack about 100lbs of food. Unfortunately the kitchen appliances had to stay behind and my dreams of juicing in Brazil were going to have to wait.

Our 2 hour and 10 hour flights were pretty much a breeze.  I had requested the airline for gluten-free meals in advance, since it was the boys first time flying. They were very gracious to provide us with gluten-free cupcakes, rolls, fresh fruit, and a hot meal.  Mostly microwaved plastic tasting food, but hey, my expectations were pretty low to begin with.  I was just glad to have options and happy the kids had barelyjog_2 touched anything. We had enzymes at our disposal and a bag filled with grain-free goodies. As we landed it was hot, humid and we were all tired.   And just like that, there came our first bump in the road. Our bags didn’t make it and we were probably not going to see them for a few days. I was completely shocked. We had traveled a long way and arrived empty handed. Besides a few snacks and a change of clothes for the boys, we had nothing. No special food, no natural toothpaste, soap or clothes for us. How in the world were we going to survive? Thankfully our hotel offered fresh meals with lots of vegetables, meat, rice and beans.  I had to surrender and let go of all my usual questions. Questions such as, what cooking oils were used? do they cook with refined salt? is sugar added? did they use aluminum pans or tap water?  If life had led us here I figured we could handle it. To my surprise Abadiânia had a great little café called Fruitti’s. They offered several gluten-free options, fresh juices, smoothies, and great natural snacks with very simple ingredients. Fruitti’s quickly became out favorite place to go to!

We were asked to sit down, close our eyes and put our right hand on our heart. John of God walked into the room, said a prayer and we were done.

jog_4Get ready for what I can only describe as the surreal part of this story. If you ever visit the Casa you will learn there are many lines and protocols to accommodate the hundreds to thousands of people it receives daily. We had been instructed by the Entities to stand in the 8 o’clock line the day before.   Therefore, it wasn’t until our second day we got to see John of God, what is also referred as “going in front of the Entities”. For some reason my husband and I were separated so our guide, Rama, was kind enough to help me with my children while we stood in line. I learned to expect the unexpected when our line was suddenly called forward. The four of us, Rama, the kids and I, were sent straight to the intervention room where, we were to receive spiritual surgery.   Everything happened really fast. We were asked to sit down, close our eyes and put our right hand on our heart. John of God walked into the room, said a prayer and we were done. Rama and I looked at each other almost in disbelief of what had just transpired. We were under the impression children did not receive intervention since spiritual surgery comes with a very strict protocol. For the next 24 hours we were to be in sequester. That was one of the lowest points of the trip for me. The boys and I were to stay in our room, not being able to talk to anyone, with no TV, iPads or toys. During that time I experienced this indescribable sense of abandonment, sadness and dread. Yet somehow I knew those feelings had been buried inside of me for a long time. I don’t know how it was possible, but the boys and I slept a lot during those 24 hours. For the next 8 days we were to avoid direct sunlight and eat a special diet (ironic, right?).

After the 8 days we were scheduled for revision, when the Entities would evaluate how well our surgery went and if anything else was needed. For some strange reason, again, my husband was not present. He had gotten extremely ill the night before and was not able to accompany the boys and I. We were standing in line when suddenly; my oldest started getting really pail and weak. He could barely stand. I couldn’t handle both boys, so I asked Rama to help me with my youngest. The sense of despair I felt was overwhelming. As Ijog_5
came in front of the Entities, I asked for help with my son in my arms, just to be sent away, to sit in current. When in current, you are to stay still with your eyes closed, in a meditative manner. Now, try that with two children! While my youngest wiggled everywhere a staff member of the Casa came over and asked my oldest to drink a shot of blessed water. After drinking it, color started coming back to his cheeks and he was able to sit up. We were instructed to drink the healing soup that is offered by the Casa after morning session was over. As we walked to the soup line, my son started feeling ill again and couldn’t walk. Our guide was not around and I had to ask my youngest to be strong and walk alongside me. We found a spot to sit and as I held him in my arms I cried. People surrounded us and yet I chose to feel alone and abandoned.  This is a well-known pattern of mine that I got to experiment with a lot during this trip. Asking for help requires vulnerability and risk of rejection and at that time I was just not ready to take that step. Rama came back from helping others and I felt safe to ask him to get us some soup. Once we drank the soup, my son felt much better and we got to walk back to our hotel. We were to leave the Casa the next day.

If we are just little specs of dust spinning in an infinite Universe, who am I to dismiss the unexplainable? Who am I to judge the flow of life as a mere series of coincidences?

Our departure from Abadiânia was difficult. The day we left my son (still) and I were extremely ill. It’s hard to explain into words and this may sound completely nuts, but I felt as if we were purging for the world. We jog_6felt awful, rundown and exhausted but fully recovered in just a few days. We didn’t have to go to the hospital or take any medication. I found that remarkable, considering the state we were in. We were finally able to take a breath and enjoy our time in Rio de Janeiro. We got to lie in the sun, spend time with people we love and visit new places.   Our favorite safe foods were not always available but we made the best of it. We got to try new treats for the first time, and even had an accidental nut exposure with no reaction! Did we receive healing while in Brazil? I don’t know for sure. If we are just little specs of dust spinning in an infinite Universe, who am I to dismiss the unexplainable? Who am I to judge the flow of life as a mere series of coincidences? There is still a lot I don’t know happening between Heaven and Earth.   I did get to experience some of the unexplainable myself. But above all, this trip served as a testament to how much healing we had already received prior to taking this leap of faith.  It gave me validation that all the other “leaps of faith” we have taken up to now were worth it and meant to be.

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  1. Annetta Hoshor

    Great post, Fabiola! I really enjoyed reading about your trip to John of God. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Livia Theodoro

    Muito amor por vocês!
    Dessa vez sou eu que finalmente sentei para ler seu blog, e não consigo parar!!!
    To aprendendo tanto, tanto…. Sério… muito amor por vocês!
    obrigada, obrigada, obrigada, obri…

    • DelicateBelly

      De nada, minha querida! Obrigada por ler o nosso blog!!! Muito amor por vocês também!

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