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It was March, 2020 when the world flipped upside down.  The spread of a new virus hit the world and the news, predicting to take many lives.  As a mother of an immune compromised child, I was not scared, but concerned.  I made sure to stock up on my arsenal of remedies.  Things like, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, cough medicine, lots of fermented and fresh veggies, bone broth, among other things.  Never in my mind I imagined how much our lives would change in a matter of months, as the “new normal” set in. As the days went by and the lockdown kept us all at home, the Universe (or the A.I . ) started bringing me some interesting information I had never heard before.  Yes, the world was changing, but I did not expect my beliefs regarding viruses and infectious disease would start changing so drastically.  Below is my account of what I learned, my current views on the pandemic and my concerns for what is to come:

While speaking to my sister-in-law, a nurse at a very busy hospital, she shared her facility is currently slammed with Covid cases.  I heard from another friend, which has immune compromised children, one with congenital heart problems that are monitored very closely every year.  Her daughter’s exam had to be pushed out due to their hospital’s cardiology unit having to repurpose OR’s for Covid patients.  My sister-in-law described the multiple cases they have seen presently with a variety of symptoms.  Patients leave the hospital and then come back with issues not only affecting the lungs but other organs.  My heart goes out to those with pre-existing conditions, patients suffering and clinicians in the front-lines.  Knowing people are truly suffering really makes it hard to expand this conversation.  But it’s important to bring in a few questions.  These may sound silly or obvious to many.  But here are the questions I would like to explore: How did health authorities come so quickly to the conclusion that the disease called “Covid-19” is caused by a virus?  How was that determined?  And the question I feel is the most important to the debate:  Did we look anywhere else?  Spoiler alert, from all my research, the answer to the last question is “If they looked, nobody is talking about it”.      

While researching more into infectious disease I learned some interesting facts.  The most curious to me is that infectious diseases tend to present with very similar symptoms from person to person.  Let’s take chicken pox as an example:  “The classic symptom of chicken pox is a rash that turns into itchy, fluid-filled blisters that eventually turn into scabs.” Going back to my sister-in-law’s account, the symptoms of the patients they are seeing are all over the place.  Doctors and nurses are truly puzzled.  Through my research I  also  learned about Koch’s Postulates, the gold standard of infectious disease.  Looking through Covid-19 studies, I  learned that this postulate was not satisfied (see sources here).  If that is true, we are basically fighting an RNA sequence (a.k.a. Corona Virus) with measures not based on scientific gold standards.  If science has not proven that Corona Virus is an infectious agent that causes an infectious disease, my question is: Why aren’t we looking at other factors that could explain the collection of symptoms known as Covid-19?  Has science been reduced to epidemiology (observation of a population) and computer models?  In this case, the answer is YES.  

To add complexity to these questions, if we can’t even prove the “novel” Corona Virus is an infectious agent or causes disease, what can we say about the testing that produces the number that we are tracking?  Currently, the pandemic numbers are mainly based on an ultra sensitive viral load test called RT-PCR.  In my research I found this technique  was never designed  to diagnose infectious disease.  That is what gold standards are for.  Dr. Kary Mullins, the American Biochemist, Nobel Prize winner and one of the inventors of the PCR technique explained in an interview  “If you do it well you can find anything in anybody…  it doesn’t tell you that you are sick”.

Through my research I concluded that in the current state of affairs we don’t truly know what causes Covid-19.  We haven’t met scientific gold standards, we have inadequate testing and we are also not looking anywhere else.  But the good news is that we have statistical data to correlate with survival rates between 94 to 99. 9%.  According to CDC data, here are the survival rates for different age groups:  0 to 19 yrs old – 99.997%; 20 to 49 yrs old – 99.98%; 50 to 69 yrs old – 99.5%;  70-90 yrs 94.6%.  The facts lead me to the inevitable conundrum: How do we justify what we are fighting this disease with?  Isolation/lockdowns, mask that may contain harmful toxins (with no proven efficacy for infectious diseases) mandates, arbitrary rules for social distancing and, coming soon, a future vaccine that will fight a virus that scientific gold standards haven’t proven to cause Covid-19. 

The future Covid-19 vaccine has skipped animal trials, going straight to human trials, excluding different age groups:  The elderly, children and people with pre-existing conditions. I recently ran across a Forbes article titled Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are Designed To Succeed William A. Haseltine Sep 23, 2020,

“We all expect an effective vaccine to prevent serious illness if infected. Three of the vaccine protocols—Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca—do not require that their vaccine prevent serious disease only that they prevent moderate symptoms which may be as mild as cough, or headache.”

We are in the early stages of mandating a vaccine when the trials didn’t consider the most important criteria “Prevention of Infection”.  We are moving ahead with operation Warp Speed.  We perform vaccine trials that ignore scientific gold standards, exclude the most vulnerable among us and we will have no data on long term side effects.  We won’t really know the effects of this vaccine until the “post market analysis” comes in.  In other words, once the vaccine is distributed and administered to millions of people we will have a better understanding of the risks versus benefits for fighting a virus we don’t know causes Covid-19.  That alone scares me more than the actual disease.

On the face of all this information, it’s time to reflect and go beyond the fear.  It’s time to ponder why we are putting ourselves in different camps.  Why are we adopting the “new normal” so quickly?  Why are we buying into the idea that apart we are stronger?  Science does not explain the panic and the control measures that have been taken to fight Covid-19.  But this pandemic does offer us the opportunity to be curious and adopt new ways of being.  For example, our family now practices gratitude daily.  We have strengthen our conviction on the importance of taking ownership for our heath.  We take time to learn new information to advocate for our health freedom and civil liberties.  We choose healthier foods, spend more time in nature, practice mindfulness and prioritize good sleep.  We pray together in the evenings.  All these habits have broth us closer and made us stronger.  What about you?  I  would love to hear from you.  What are the lessons you have been learning from the pandemic?   

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