The Delicate Belly is Published!


If you read our blog, you know that working to heal our guts has made a huge impact on our quality of life.  I believe this information can help many people suffering from mental illness.  I know Traditional Medicine is legging behind on adopting the idea that the microbiome in our guts and our brains are intrinsically connected.  Although I may have some ideas, I still don’t fully understand why mainstream medicine is quick to prescribe psychotropic drugs over a sensible diet.  Why are we not asking the hard questions about the root cause of mental illness?  But I still believe a revolution is happening.  I call it the Food over Medicine Paradigm Shift.

For all the friend on this blog, the believers and the non-believers of the #letfoodbethymedicine movement: I wanted to announce that Evolving Magazine has publish our article “Let Food be Thy Medicine: What is the Gut and Brain Connection?”  To view this article you can visit the Evolving Magazine website (click here) or pick up a copy in Kansas City!  This blog is my contribution to this shift.  Will you stand with me and spread the word?



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