Tips for Boosting Immunity – Are Microorganisms as harmful to humans as Germ Theory suggest?

It seems like ages ago I was absolutely terrified of germs. I remember right before giving birth to my first child, going by Target to pick up a couple giant bottles of hand sanitizer and sterilize everything I saw in sight. Little did I know what laid ahead of us. Our child suffered a vaccine injury and slowly regressed into Autism. (I know… Controversial, but true story.) On that journey to pull him out and recover him, one thing was clear to us: Restoring the balance and diversity of his microbial world was key to restoring his health and brain function. But what does a simple act of using hand sanitizer have anything to do with Autism or the immune system? Terrain Theory, which is somewhat the antithesis to Germ Theory, explains.

In the world today, scientists researching the microbiome have estimated there are 20-30 thousand species of bacteria, 5 million species of fungi and 300 thousand species of parasites. When it comes to Viruses, there is still a debate if they actually exist or are even what we think they are. But if we go with the current mainstream convention, you could say there are more viruses in the world than stars in the universe!

According to Terrain Theory, these microorganisms are a huge part of “microcosm” that is our body. They work in balance and synergy, constantly communicating with the mitochondria in our cells to facilitate repair via the genes they produce. To give you an idea, in our body, human cells can produce around 20 thousand genes. In contrast, our microbiome could produce anywhere between 2-20 million genes!!! My point is, we are more microbe than human! If microbes didn’t want us here, we wouldn’t be here.

The microbiome is not only vital to all functions in our body but it also plays a major role in our immune system. In other words, our immunity is directly related to the number and diversity of our microbiome. The more diverse our microbiome is the stronger our immune system is. Due to poor diet, stress, exposure to pesticides, pharmaceuticals (such as antibiotics), pollution and chemicals in our environment, it’s estimated that humans now carry approximately 10% of the microbiome they once had. This makes us more vulnerable to disease than ever before. That’s why its more import than ever that to strengthen immunity by finding ways to restore the balance and diversity our microbiome.

Unfortunately the current guidelines for stopping the spread of the disease, specifically the Corona Virus, may actually do more harm than help us and here is why:

Masks: One of the best ways to boost our immunity, grow and diversify our microbiome is by breathing fresh air. Why? Because the microbiome is all around us! We breath it in constantly. Masks restrict the intake of oxygen and microbes. Lack of oxygen puts stress on our bodies by raising cortisol levels and therefore suppressing our immunity. Masks are designed to stop the spread of disease by people that are sick. If you are healthy, keep your intake of fresh air up! That will keep you free from a possible hypoxic injury (injury cause by lack of oxygen) and strengthen your microbiome!

Social Distancing: We have been hearing lately it’s not the best idea to be close to others at this time. But did you know another way to boost immunity is by being with others? You may have probably guessed it, but by being close to others we get exposed to a greater diversity of microorganisms, thus boosting microbiome diversity. Something else to consider is that human touch, conversation and laughter feel good. Feeling good also boosts immunity. Health is not just about our physical state. Our mental state counts. Did you know that babies deprived of human touch actually die? Contrary to what the “new normal” is inspiring us to forget “Together we are strong”!

Staying Indoors: Staying home away from sun light exposure, deprives us of a very important hormone, which researchers have deemed extremely vital for immunity: Vitamin D! Yes, vitamin D is actually a hormone. The best way to absorb vitamin D is by being exposed to sunlight! Research has found that many victims of illnesses like covid-19 had low levels of vitamin D.

But don’t take my word for it. Always do your own research. You can either let others dictate how you should live or take ownership of how you choose to live. Wishing you abundant love, health and happiness!

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