Navy Bean Feijoada

Mashing beans into sauté garlic and onionsAdding mashed mixture to the potStirring mixture to incorporate wellRemoving meat from rib bonesDiscarding bonesCooking for another 10 minutesReady to serve

We have been following the GAPS diet for a  year and a half and during that time have experience a lot of healing.  What I love about the GAPS diet is that it is temporary and its sole purpose is to heal the gut.  For gut healing  to be possible it’s important to understand the role that our gut flora plays in our health.  For more information on this topic you can read my post What is a Delicate Belly? which explains it in more details.  Since the GAPS diet is followed to achieve gut healing, it is important to avoid foods such as grains, starches, certain types of dairy, legumes (with a few exceptions), sugars and most sweetness.  Most legumes are excluded due to their anti-nutrient content, such as phytic acid, lectins, enzyme inhibitors and starches.  These anti-nutrients make legumes very difficult to digest, especially for a delicate belly.  But some legumes are allowed when properly soaked and/or fermented.  This is the case with Navy Beans and the reason why I created this recipe.  Beware that if you are following a Paleo lifestyle, legumes are not allowed, so this recipe would not make the cut!

Navy Bean Feijoada is inspired by one of the most popular Brazilian dishes, called Feijoada (pronounced: Fei joe ah dah).  This dish is traditionally made with black beans, and a combination of different cuts of pork and beef.  For a healthier version, Feijoada can be made with white beans and even lentils!  My feijoada is simple, with Navy Beans, pork meat and spices.  But the dish is very savory, hearty and filling.  You won’t believe it’s just bean stew!  This is also a great dish to serve at gatherings among family and friends.  You can store it in your freezer and the flavor just keeps getting better.  Try it and you won’t be disappointed!


Navy Bean Feijoada

By June 4, 2015

To properly prepare your navy beans, soak them the night before in water for at least 12 hours, then drain and rise well to remove the harmful substances.  Use clean meat from animals fed a healthy GMO-free diet, and get plenty of sunshine.  Also use uncured bacon that is paleo friendly (free of sugar).  In the recipe I also added 2 cups o my recipe of Low Histamine Bone Broth to enhance flavor and healing properties of this dish as an option.  A great side dish for Navy Bean Feijoada is my recipe of Cilantro Cauliflower Rice!



Preparing the Feijoada:

  • The evening before cooking, soak the beans overnight.
  • When it's time to make your dish, rinse beans well.
  • Cut the slab of ribs between the bones into individual ribs.
  • In a pot or pressure cooker, add all meat, bay leave, salt, pepper, oregano and beans.
  • Fill the pot with enough filtered water to cover all ingredients.
  • If using a pressure cooker, cook for 50 minutes.  If using a regular pot cook until meat is falling off the bone (approximately 1 hr 30 min).  Lower the heat to medium low.
  • Remove bones from rib meat, leaving meat in the pot and distracting bones.
  • In the mean time, in a sauce pan, sauté 6 minced garlic cloves until golden.  Add chopped onions and cook until translucent.  Then, using a slotted spoon add 2 heaping spoons of cooked beans (only, no meats or liquid if possible) from your pot and add to garlic and onion mixture.  Mash beans and combine well.
  • Add the mash beans mixture to your pot, stir until well combined and cook for another 10 minutes.


Preparing the Sauté Collard Greens

  • In a sauce pan sauté minced garlic with butter or ghee until golden.
  • Add collard greens and sauté for 2-3 minutes.
  • Serve Navy Bean Feijoada with collard greens, orange slices and top with some fresh parsley!


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